How We Got Started

Our family and friends love riding! We spent quite a few weekends a couple of years ago traveling to different riding trails trying to find a place we all equally enjoyed and we all unanimously decided that Perry State Forest was where we all loved riding the most.

It has such a great mix of easy and difficult trails. It's also really close to Hocking Hills, about a 20-25 minute drive to Old Man's Cave. There are horse and Jeep trails within a few miles as well as some fishing holes. Something for just about any outdoors person.

After our first trip there we began to look for somewhere close we could camp and came up with nothing. We continued to look after each riding trip we took and still came up with nothing that was convenient. After a number of trips someone told us about some property for sale right down the dirt road from the trails. We finally found it, a place to stay for the weekend while we rode.

I made the decision to open up the property to others who love riding at Perry as much as we do so that they had somewhere convenient to stay and ride for the weekend as well. I had hoped to be up and running by last spring but due to the weather, construction was very slow.

Over the last year, myself and my friends have built Perry Backwoods Campground by hand from the ground up. It was an enormous project and couldn't have been done without the hard work and dedication of great people and friends. For that I owe them a great deal of gratitude! I would like to thank each of you so much! I owe you!!